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Dear developers of Zope,

Google is doing Summer of Code this year again. With an entity like the
Zope Foundation in place, Zope could participate for the first time.

What do we need to do? Apart from applying to Google as a participating
organization, we need

a) mentors.

    It'd be great if some of the Zope core committers would volunteer to
    mentor a student. This doesn't mean you will definitely end up
    mentoring one, just show your willingness.

b) project suggestions.

    The best way to encourage a student to work on Zope would be to
    provide a list of possible projects that s/he could work on. It'd be
    great if each volunteering mentor would suggest at least one project.
    If a student should get accepted for one of those projects, it will
    obviously make a lot of sense if the person who suggested the project
    would mentor him/her.

    Note that student projects should keep a student busy for several
    weeks, though it should not be too hard. Nevertheless, questions
    regarding architecture and design can always be discussed with the
    mentor (this is what s/he is there for) so you don't have to spell it
    all out in advance. A short paragraph describing the project should
    be enough for now.

Suggestions? Thoughts? Criticism? Please let me know.

I think this is an excellent idea.  I would've participated myself a
few years ago, and I would do it now if I weren't already involved in
something more lucrative.  Jeff Elkner has a bunch of students
interested in doing projects with Zope3, so I've cc'ed him this email.


- Paul
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