I'm currently working on zope.fssync and zope.app.fssync. There are still
some things to do
(e.g. changing the API of the default file serialization adapter to read
and write methods,
adding security statements for serializers and deserializers). I'm
planning to finish these
things until 3.4.

My preference would be to leave everthing as it is and include zope.fssync
as a dependency and
zope.app.fssync as a part of the egg. Alternatively I can try to move the
code of zope.app.fssync 
(and zope.app.file.fssync etc.) to zope.fssync.

I can live with both alternatives, of course, but in my opinion it makes
sense to leave the
Python API (independent of ZODB and locations etc.) in zope.fssync and the
web-based API 
(with security and location aware pickler) in zope.app.fssync.

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