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We have distributed zope.app.file with Zope 3.3 so zope.app.file should be distributed with zope.app egg when Zope 3.4 is released. And we are not distributed zope.fssync
with Zope 3.3, but now zope.fssync is dependency for zope.app.file .
So I am going include zope.fssync as a dependency for zope.app package. Also since zope.fssync uses zope.app.fssync we have to include this as part of zope.app egg.
Any comments ?

Yes. :)

Having zope.app.file.fssync as a subpackage of zope.app.file that wasn't distributed with zope.app.file was possible due to a feature in zpackage. We aren't using zpackage any more, so we can't do this any more.

We need to either remove zope.app.fssync.file, or, if we think that fssync is moving along well enough, we need to move zope.app.ffile.fssync to a separate project in some namespace package, such as zope.app.filefssync.

fssync is too experimental to include zope.app.file.fssync in zope.app.file.


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