Fred Drake wrote:

On 3/6/07, Baiju M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

    We have distributed with Zope 3.3 so
should be distributed
with egg when Zope 3.4 is released.  And we are not distributed
with Zope 3.3, but now zope.fssync is dependency for .

The only dependencies I see from on any of the fssync
stuff comes from the sub-package; this is
intentional.  The idea was that that package could be distributed
separately; it should be a separate egg from

There are several cases of sub-packages named fssync which should be
treated in this way (most of them, in fact); each of the type-specific
fssync packages should depend on the package in which they are
embedded and on  There should be no need to
distribute any of them with a stock "Zope 3.4".

How can I exclude from package ?
In, I have set as an svn:external, so everything under that package is included.

Baiju M

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