On Mar 6, 2007, at 3:03 AM, Uwe Oestermeier wrote:
My preference would be to leave everthing as it is

That's not possible, as we're changing out packaging technology. (See my separate note to Baiju.)

and include zope.fssync
as a dependency and
zope.app.fssync as a part of the egg. Alternatively I can try to move the
code of zope.app.fssync
(and zope.app.file.fssync etc.) to zope.fssync.


Just move zope.app.file.fssync to it's own project.

I can live with both alternatives, of course, but in my opinion it makes
sense to leave the
Python API (independent of ZODB and locations etc.) in zope.fssync and the
web-based API
(with security and location aware pickler) in zope.app.fssync.



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