On 3/6/07, Baiju M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    We have distributed zope.app.file with Zope 3.3 so zope.app.file
should be distributed
with zope.app egg when Zope 3.4 is released.  And we are not distributed
with Zope 3.3, but now zope.fssync is dependency for zope.app.file .

The only dependencies I see from zope.app.file on any of the fssync
stuff comes from the zope.app.file.fssync sub-package; this is
intentional.  The idea was that that package could be distributed
separately; it should be a separate egg from zope.app.file.

There are several cases of sub-packages named fssync which should be
treated in this way (most of them, in fact); each of the type-specific
fssync packages should depend on the package in which they are
embedded and on zope.app.fssync.  There should be no need to
distribute any of them with a stock "Zope 3.4".


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