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David Pratt wrote:
> On the basis that eggs spell out dependencies, I am thinking the 
> inclusion of packages and their dependencies should be enough to dictate 
> the sequence of inclusion for package configuration (and creation of the 
> site.zcml) for the app buidout recipe. This could be a option to the 
> current manual configuration.

- -1.  Configuration is *policy*;  implicitly wiring in the default
configuration for every egg on the path is not going to be an acceptable

> Presumably, the reason folks would use this recipe is to configure one 
> or more of the same app. I know attempting to do this manually is prone 
> to errors if packages are not in the correct sequence or if you miss the 
> configuration of a package. Any thoughts on this. Many thanks.

Not necessarily.  There are really two kinds of packages in play here:
"libraryish" packages, which supply mechanisms, and "applicationish"
packages, which use the mechanism according to some policy.  I would
argue that the only things you can safely auto-include would be the
'meta.zcml', because it is policy-free.  Reusable packages need to avoid
imposing policy (they may *suggest* it, but they shouldn't insist).

I would cheer if somebody proposed writing a UI which introspcts
packgaes for such suggestions, and allows the site manager to merge /
override them to create an appropriate 'site.zcml'.  Until then, I don't
want package authors dictating to site managers.

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