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David Pratt wrote:
Hi Jim. I guess I missed the boat on app construction which I have clarified hopefully below. I am speaking of using zc.zope3recipes. As far as site.zcml. I think I'll need to experiment. At this point I see a strong incentive to automate. Too many packages - too little time and too many errors without. I want z3 development to be fast and enjoyable and I don't want to hate configuration but I honestly hate trial and error approaches. This is where I feel I am at with the site.zcml - particularly reconstituting zope and apps from packages and eggs in this context (particularly with the ordering of includes). Many thanks.

David and Jim,

As far as I can determine from this thread (I have some difficulty following parts of David's long mail as well) you two are agreeing. :)

Jim, is it correct that you'd like the zope 3 recipe to grow an option to auto-construct a site.zcml based on egg dependencies?

No. I suggested that packages that have ZCML and that depend on other packages that have ZCML should include the ZCML of the packages they depend on. If this was common practice, then I don't think that constructing a site ZCML would be that hard.

Tres's argument is that since there is no system to override ZCML auto-inclusion of configuration should not be implemented yet. But Jim seems to disagree with this (and I do too).

There isn't a good way to cancel configuration done by included packages. I've found that in practice this usually doesn't matter, but I agree with Tres that it is a significant hole.

I also don't understand David's problem with buildout times. The option -N helps a lot. Jim, is there anything to say for actually making -N the default behavior of buildout?

No, But I can say something against it. :) Making it the default would make buildout's default behavior less deterministic. It is easy for people to change the default for their own use by putting:

   newest = false

in their ~/.buildout/default.cfg file.


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