David Pratt wrote:
Hi Jim. I guess I missed the boat on app construction which I have clarified hopefully below. I am speaking of using zc.zope3recipes. As far as site.zcml. I think I'll need to experiment. At this point I see a strong incentive to automate. Too many packages - too little time and too many errors without. I want z3 development to be fast and enjoyable and I don't want to hate configuration but I honestly hate trial and error approaches. This is where I feel I am at with the site.zcml - particularly reconstituting zope and apps from packages and eggs in this context (particularly with the ordering of includes). Many thanks.

David and Jim,

As far as I can determine from this thread (I have some difficulty following parts of David's long mail as well) you two are agreeing. :)

Jim, is it correct that you'd like the zope 3 recipe to grow an option to auto-construct a site.zcml based on egg dependencies? I think David perhaps has the impression that since this doesn't exist *yet*, it is not going to be created.

Tres's argument is that since there is no system to override ZCML auto-inclusion of configuration should not be implemented yet. But Jim seems to disagree with this (and I do too).

I also don't understand David's problem with buildout times. The option -N helps a lot. Jim, is there anything to say for actually making -N the default behavior of buildout?



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