Hi there,

I have some questions about the Zope 3.4 release. My apologies if this information is already available somewhere else.

I've just uploaded z3c.widget to download.zope.org/distribution, but ran into a new snag: it properly lists a whole bunch of dependencies in its setup.py that are currently Zope core packages, and thus post-3.3.

I'm still developing against Zope 3.3 and using z3c.widget would therefore lead to a mix of Zope 3.3 and post 3.3 (3.4) packages in my installation. It's like to avoid this. Is there is a way to suppress the automatic download of dependencies for a particular egg in buildout?

A manual hack is to upload a private version of z3c.widget somewhere that has a different dependency list and then refer to that.

Instead of hacking, I could also decide to start relying on an eggified Zope 3.4 right away. I've heard some discussion though that makes me wonder whether an eggified release of Zope 3.4 will be fully cooked. This leads to some questions:

* I don't believe the 3.4 alpha eggs have been uploaded anywhere yet, right?

* my application needs to run on Windows as well as Linux. This is one of the reasons using an eggified Zope 3 is in fact attractive, as *if* there are Windows eggs available, everything should work all right on Windows automatically. It is therefore important that binary Windows eggs are indeed available for the appropriate Zope 3 and ZODB packages. Is there a plan for providing these? I'm hoping Sidnei will pop up and say, oh, yeah, all taken care of. :)



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