I took Martin's script and adapted it for this release.

I took the listing of download.zope.org and gathered the names of all
eggs that were available as "3.4dev" eggs and am currently creating
"3.4.0a1" eggs for those.

It might be that these are not all eggs that should be build.

However, doing an egg release for a package that is on zope.org is
simple and quick now:

Get the 'release-egg.sh' script from Zope3/trunk/releases/ and run it
with 'release-egg.sh <packagename> <version>'.

The script then

- creates a tag for the release
- checks out the release 
- changes the version parameter in setup.py
- checks this in
- runs setup.py sdist
- uploads the tarball to download.zope.org

I'll modify the script in the future if we get more complex
requirements. Martin's original script already handled some cases that I
didn't need right now, so I removed them for the moment (using a
branch, ...)


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