On Jul 3, 2007, at 11:41 AM, Bernd Dorn wrote:

On 03.07.2007, at 09:31, Gary Poster wrote:

Christian et al:

What do you want in regards to the zope.app.session changes that rely on the new package zope.minmax? Very briefly, the change allows the simple zope.app.session approach to cause fewer unnecessary write conflicts. Is this zope.app.session 3.5dev-rXXX relying on zope.minmax1.0? The other possibilities include pushing it back to 3.4 (probably not, but happy to do it), and calling zope.minmax 3.4 or 3.5.

we decided, that satelite project versions are not bound to zope versions, it is actually an accident that the satelites have 3.4xy versions, but we cannot decrease them. so zope.minmax 1.0 is not only ok, it should be versioned that way.


For reference, I

- made a zope.app.session 3.4 branch in the repo from before the zope.minmax dependency,

- made the zope checkout use the 3.4 branch as the svn externnal,

- made a zope.minmax 1.0b release on download.zope.org/distributions, and

- made a zope.app.session 3.5dev-rXXX release on download.zope.org/ distributions.


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