On 7/10/07, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
We never said anything else. We planned for some future to stop doing
that, I never saw a proposal get accepted that changes the release in
this way. Did I miss something?

Interesting.  I don't recall seeing anyone mention a 3.5 release at
all (though I may have simply missed it), so didn't go so far as
assume that there'd be one.

If there will be a Zope 3.5 release using the "classic" (zpkg, cough,
cough) packaging tool, we need to make sure we maintain the various
SCREAMING.cfg files that zpkg uses, for things that are in the tree.
Some of those (DEPENDENCIES.cfg) duplicate information from the
setup.py, so we probably want to find ways to avoid maintaining that
twice for each satellite.

I suspect that maintainers of the satellite packages will quickly find
maintaining the zpkg metadata to be a nuisance, and a generally
unwelcome burden.


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