Am Dienstag, den 03.07.2007, 10:31 +0300 schrieb Gary Poster:
> Christian et al:
> What do you want in regards to the changes that rely  
> on the new package zope.minmax?  Very briefly, the change allows the  
> simple approach to cause fewer unnecessary write  
> conflicts.  Is this 3.5dev-rXXX relying on  
> zope.minmax1.0?  The other possibilities include pushing it back to  
> 3.4 (probably not, but happy to do it), and calling zope.minmax 3.4  
> or 3.5.

As Bernd said, zope.minmax leads its own (version) life.

However, did the tree just grow a dependency on zope.minmax as well?
AFAICT we're still planning to release Zope 3.5 as a classic release.


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