On Thursday 05 July 2007 09:27, Benji York wrote:
> Christian Theune wrote:
> > I've made the release branch for Zope 3.4, you can feel free to start
> > introducing changes for Zope 3.5 into the trunk of the tree.
> Now would seem to be the time to discuss the fate of the "big tree".  It
> is entirely possible to build Zope 3 from eggs only, do we want to keep
> the trunk around?

Yes, the recipes are not working well on all platforms yet. Also, most of the 
scripts coming with the release do not have recipe equivalents yet. I see 
that localy did some work, but it is not yet complete.

People trying z3c.formdemo on Windows had no luck, because zopectl does not 
work on Windows. :-( Also, we still lack a lot of documentation on how to get 
your project started using the egg-based releases. Downloading a single TGZ 
was really simple.

Having said that, I think a Zope 3 meta egg would be a good start towards 
documenting how to build a Zope 3 application using eggs. Also, packages like 
z3c.formdemo give further help.

Next, I think we need to identify the scripts that we want to support in our 
recipes. Here is a list of the ones that I think are important 
(from "Zope3/utilities"):

* finddeps.py
* i18nextract.py
* i18nmergeall.py
* i18nstats.py
* runurl.py

The others are not that important I think. Of course there are several scripts 
in "Zope3/bin", but I think those are covered by the current recipes as far 
as I can tell.

Another final issue I see here are the problems we are having with the 
cheeseshop. I don't think it is ready for the Zope crowd yet. While I think 
that download.zope.org/distribution is used to get the packages, I have found 
that buildout comes to a halt when the cheeseshop is not working.

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