Marius Gedminas wrote:
  - Functional tests: these are .txt files that use zope.testbrowser and
    are the hardest to debug.  There ought to be a better way to make
    assertions about HTML output than using ELLIPSIS and then pulling
    your hair out looking at huge and incomprehensible diffs.

Yep, assertions about HTML (or XML) are difficult to do with plain text. One option is to feed browser.contents to your favorite HTML (XML) parser.

        Digression: syntax highlighting the diffs helps immensely.
        Check out

I'm very much looking forward to that branch being merged to the trunk. I have a feature suggestion: it would be nice to have a switch to say "colorize output, unless stdout isn't a terminal", so piping the output to a pager (or file) doesn't result in polluted output.
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