Stephan Richter wrote:
I would not like that. I really, really like to use XPath to select an element in the HTML structure. The method above would still require me to write

I think I miscommunicated. Let me combine your example and mine to demonstrate what I was talking about. Say you have an HTML document and you want to make assertions about a portion of it. You could use XPath to extract part of the document and then use the smart ellipses to make assertions about it. Like so:

    >>> Introspector(browser.contents).xpath('//foo')
    <foo ...>Text here</foo>

In the above example, the tester wants to extract the <foo> element, and assert that its contents are "Text here" and that there are no child elements. They don't want to make any assertions about it's attributes so they put the ellipses there. Is that example clearer?

Of course, I really would prefer this:

  >>> print Introspector(browser).xpath1('//foo')
  <foo a="b">Text here</foo>

This is so that the browser features and content inspection are separated.

Yep, I much prefer having this functionality in a separate object as well; it's not really testbrowser specific.
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