On Sunday 15 July 2007 11:26, Benji York wrote:
> I think I miscommunicated.  Let me combine your example and mine to
> demonstrate what I was talking about.  Say you have an HTML document and
> you want to make assertions about a portion of it.  You could use XPath
> to extract part of the document and then use the smart ellipses to make
> assertions about it.  Like so:
>      >>> browser.open(...)
>      >>> Introspector(browser.contents).xpath('//foo')
>      <foo ...>Text here</foo>
> In the above example, the tester wants to extract the <foo> element, and
> assert that its contents are "Text here" and that there are no child
> elements.  They don't want to make any assertions about it's attributes
> so they put the ellipses there.  Is that example clearer?

Yes, I see. I think this would be somewhat useful, since it would make the 
test less brittle to id or cass changes.

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