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On Sat, Jul 14, 2007 at 03:30:22PM -0400, Benji York wrote:
       Digression: syntax highlighting the diffs helps immensely.
Check out
I'm very much looking forward to that branch being merged to the trunk.


Yay!  I'm already using it. :)

I have a feature suggestion: it would be nice to have a switch to say "colorize output, unless stdout isn't a terminal", so piping the output to a pager (or file) doesn't result in polluted output.

There's a little complication: when you have test layers that don't
support tearDown, some of the tests are run in a subprocess, where
stdout isn't a terminal (it's a pipe), but all the output will be copied
verbatim to the stdout of the parent process (which may or may not be a

The test runner could look at the "top level" stdout and pass the information to subprocesses.

It's not that hard to remove the -c flag when you're adding |less to the
command line.  Or you could use |less -R and have colourful and
scrollable output.

It'd be nice to have a -C option that disables -c for when your test runner has -c included in the default options (as I intend to do with mine).
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