On 8/9/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I agree, the site concept is about locality, which is a concept on top of
> zope.component.

Perhaps a reasonable description; I'd describe it more as a tool for
internal organization of an application.

> I think "site" is widely understood term in Zope 3 now and everyone knows
> about it. We gain absolutely nothing by renaming it. I think "zope.site"
> would be a great package name for "ISite" and friends.

Widely understood, yes.  Frankly, I've *never* liked it, because it
doesn't tightly relate to my more casual ideas on what a "site" is on
the web.  It compontent registry *can* represent a site in that sense,
but that's as much an implementation detail as anything (IMO).

The existing APIs certainly can't change, but I'd love to see more
reasonable name used for a new package that's less tied to supporting
web applications.


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