Martin Aspeli wrote:
Fred Drake wrote:

I think "site" is widely understood term in Zope 3 now and everyone knows
about it. We gain absolutely nothing by renaming it. I think ""
would be a great package name for "ISite" and friends.

Widely understood, yes.  Frankly, I've *never* liked it, because it
doesn't tightly relate to my more casual ideas on what a "site" is on
the web.  It compontent registry *can* represent a site in that sense,
but that's as much an implementation detail as anything (IMO).

The existing APIs certainly can't change, but I'd love to see more
reasonable name used for a new package that's less tied to supporting
web applications.

FWIW, I recently had to explain the concept of a "site" in Zope 3 and how a Plone site root object is a "site" that has a "site manager" and ... it got very confusing.

I've had the same experience, both with newbies and with Zope2istas.

Fortunately, we're encouraging the term "component registry" rather than "site manager" nowadays. I think it makes the actual task of that component much clearer.

If we then called sites "component sites", it may be easier to distinguish them from a Plone Site root object or the website itself.

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