Thomas Lotze wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

This is an interesting move. I can settle with the idea, but I wonder this
was discussed... Last time I remember we were discussing the idea of a
package a la or zope.componentsite... (Also, as long as we're
moving things, I wouldn't mind renaming ISite to IComponentSite).

There had been some discussion on this list a week ago when we discovered,
during some dependency clean-up at gocept, that ISite being defined in a package caused a lot of packages to indirectly
depend on a wagon load full of stuff by way of zope.location.

So the idea to solve this was two-fold:

- Step 1: Move ISite to zope.location to kill the dependency of
  zope.location on This would not affect anything
  aside from the dependencies, but that would be a gain of itself.

- Step 2: Something should be done about the naming of ISite and the
  non-separation of the concepts of a component registration context and
  locality in the zope.location sense. This requires further discussion
  and is a more long-term goal than cleaning up the spurious dependency on That discussion is, however, not affected by ISite
  being moved to zope.location.

I hope this makes things a bit clearer.

Ok, I can live with that. Thanks for the clarification!

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