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Fred Drake wrote:
On 8/24/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
But if you prefer consistency, then we really should be staying with
the Zope 3 style guide,

This, of course, all depends on the answer to the question:
Consistency with what?  Zope 3 history?  The larger Python community?
(Don't think the world agrees on PEP 8...)

Because my desire is to make individual "Zope" packages more widely
adopted by the larger Python community and bring more people to Zope 3, I
prefer PEP 8.  As has been said of Python, more Python code will be
written in the future than has been in the past, I hope the same is true
of Zope.   Hopefully, there are also more Zope users to come than we have
ever had.

Consistency is good, but we have to be consistent with the largest body
of code/group of people as possible.

Can someone please point out the major differences concerning Python code
between PEP 8 and the Zope 3 style guide?


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