Andreas Jung wrote:
Can someone please point out the major differences concerning Python code
between PEP 8 and the Zope 3 style guide?

The primary differences are in method, attribute, function, and variable names. PEP 8 specifies lower_case_with_underscores.

Zope 3, more often than not (as noted by others, inconsistencies exists), follows these conventions: specifies CamelCase for "Public global variables" (not exactly sure what all that encompasses) and lower_case_with_underscores for local variables. The same page prescribes mixedCase for module-level (non-factory) functions. specifies mixedCase for attributes and methods.

BTW: (like most of the Wiki) is a mess. I may cut out some outdated chunks (including 5 year old comments) if no one objects. Are there any guidelines for the wiki? I looked but couldn't find any.
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