Stephan Richter wrote:
On Sunday 07 October 2007 21:55, Oliver Marx wrote:
Zope 3 should IMO have a "click clack install" version that makes the
first little app a piece of cake. Add to that a story about flexibility
and automated testing; then even I would buy it ;)

I agree, with the "click, clack, install" part. In the past we tried to accomplish this by trying to show how a blog or wiki can be done in 30 minutes. But I think that z3c.formdemo was well-received. So maybe we should have many more of those demo packages that you can simply build and run. Later we can then combine the demo packages into a Web site.

Zope 3 technology does have a "click clack install, read tutorial, can see 'hello world' in a few minutes" story: Grok. Grok also has a web site already: We've been doing this stuff for a year now.

With Grok it's actually a core activity to worry about this kind of stuff, more so than I've experienced the Zope 3 technology developers to do. Perhaps there are other explanations for why Zope 3 is lagging a year behind? Hopefully it will finally change. Elsewhere I made the suggestion, following Roger Ineichen's suggestions, to form a separate group, similar to Grok's, that focuses on these issues for those who want to continue use Zope 3 technology the traditional way.

I realize that this sounds annoying: why do I keep mentioning Grok as an example in this? Isn't Grok completely irrelevant to all this?

It's not irrelevant, as it's working example of what you'd like to accomplish with Zope 3. You might take useful lessons from our approaches in building a community around such an effort.



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