"Zope" stlll means Zope 2 even on the Zope website in many places.

I've encountered this same confusion in various places, and don't know
how long it will take for the word to get out or how long bloggers
and reviewers will have to take pains to explain the difference between
Zope 3 and Zope 2.

Maybe it's too late for this, but what about coming up with a new name
to reflect the reality that Zope 3 is a complete redesign and rethink?
I always thought Zope sounded too much like "SOAP", anyway.
Here are some name ideas....

    Xope   (still sounds like SOAP, unfortunately)
    Twope  (to reflect the Twisted integration)
    Zzope   (extra Z is cool but implies sleepiness)
    Zop3      (replace the e with version number)
    Zlife     (Zope 3 is a lifestyle, not just a web framework)
    Zcom    (reflect component based architecture)
    Zeep  or Zepe   (I don't know why I like this name)

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