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> On 2/3/06, Alen Stanisic <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I think the idea was Zope 3.2 Zingo, Zope 3.4 Bingo, not Zope Zingo :)
> Well, all we do then is making funny release code names. That's not
> clarifying the difference between Zope 2 and Zope 3 at all...
> > This way it would be clear it is Zope 3.
> Eh, no... You could do Zope 2.10 Fluffybunny as well.

The point is not to make fluffy release names. The point is to have some sort of
branding - a name, a logo, a colour scheme, a web site, a set of 10-minute
tutorials, a set of code examples, a set of exemplars of systems that have been
built successfuly on Zope 3 and are kicking ass, a set of press releases to the
likes of slashdot, freshmeat, and other sites that geeks read. It all needs to
come together. 

But having a name that signifies that there is something a little more than a
new major-version release going on here would go a long way in giving people
something to fix their minds on. Exactly how much Zope 2 code is in Zope 3? This
is Zope only because it is built by the same community and draws on the
experiences of Zope 2, it is much more of a revolution than an evolution.

It's "Zope - tried that, didn't like it" or "Zope - never heard of it" vs. "Zope
3 Zest, you say? Sounds like something new and exciting, I better check it
out... oooh, look, pretty web site, aha, I see how this fits together, you know,
I think I may buy a book and learn a little more." (and if you think that's an
unreasonable account of a selection process, you haven't worked much with people
outside our little sphere).

There are a lot of people on the periphery voicing these concerns, and it seems
that only people who already know Zope inside-out think that everything's just
fine and dandy. Is it really? Or is it just fear of change?


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