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Fri, 3 Feb 2006 12:42:13 +0000
von: Martin Aspeli

>with an appropriate branding (e.g. a logo derived from the Zope logo
and a new
>website to drum up excitement and get people started quickly). Both the
>and "3" parts should stay in the picture. There may have been a time for
>renaming (or maybe not)

That's marketing. In my opinion it's not a good idea to rename zope,
never underestimate the value of a brand name. Giving zope 3 an own
website has the problem that some www.zope3.tlds are already owned by others.

Why not giving Zope 3 a prominent place at the zope.org entry page? The
easiest way to start is at a well known place. Just promote Zope 3 at
www.zope.org and do not hide it there.


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