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Hi folks! I'm starting work on a from-scratch web application, and I'd like to use this as a first-time-application using Zope.

(Actually, this is not really the first time... but my previous was something really simple way back in the Zope 1 days, so... just pretend this is first-time).

I'm trying to get started quickly (of course), and want to do it reading as much documentation as possible, without depending on you fine folk too much for help. From my research it seems that there's a bunch of documentation and tutorials geared around Zope 2, but not anywhere near as much for Zope 3, and Zope 3 seems a vastly different beast than '2'.

Yes, it is.

So, my question is... should I stick with Zope 2 for the moment (with its plethora of documentation), or dive right into Zope 3 and battle it out (and depend more on the community for any lack of documentation)? In particular, I DO want a decent tutorial to work through to get me started (and I cant find one of any depth at all for Zope 3).

Jim's tutorial is a very good start. Philipp's book is a bit out of date but still generally very valuable and would probably be your next stop. Stephan's book is usually recommended for working after Philipp.

Or... can I use the Zope 2 tutorials to work through Zope 3 ??

Nope. They share the ZODB, and basic object publishing concepts. Recently, Zope 2 has begun integrating Zope 3 technologies, but it's still more like Zope 3 knowledge can be back-ported to parts of Zope 2, but not vice versa, much.

My background: I'm a seasoned python developer, and have written my own web-frameworks for various applications.

Sounds like you are a Zope 3 candidate then. If you want through-the- web development, Zope 2 is what you want (ATM, at least); if you want more standard python development, Zope 3 is what you want.

This time I want to use something more 'mainstream' so other developers on the project have something 'familiar' to work with, or at least something that will be useful to learn. The application will need to connect to a PostgreSQL database, and would like some simple authentication plugins so end-users of the application can create accounts, log in, and have data restricted based on logins. Nothing much more fancy than that.

Sounds like a good Zope 3 app. The authentication stuff should be custom plugins for zope.app.authentication. I don't remember where the DBA for PostgreSQL is, but it's in the svn.zope.com repository someplace (and others can point it out).

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