On 2/9/06, Chris Cogdon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm trying to get started quickly (of course), and want to do it
> reading as much documentation as possible, without depending on you
> fine folk too much for help. From my research it seems that there's a
> bunch of documentation and tutorials geared around Zope 2, but not
> anywhere near as much for Zope 3, and Zope 3 seems a vastly different
> beast than '2'.


> So, my question is... should I stick with Zope 2 for the moment (with
> its plethora of documentation), or dive right into Zope 3 and battle it
> out (and depend more on the community for any lack of documentation)?
> In particular, I DO want a decent tutorial to work through to get me
> started (and I cant find one of any depth at all for Zope 3).

Quick answer: If you need a product that runs on Zope 2, like for
example CPS, Plone or Silva, you should use Zope 2. Otherwise you
should use Zope3.

Longer answer:

I'd guess you'd be more happy with Zope3. It's much more Pythonic.

> Or... can I use the Zope 2 tutorials to work through Zope 3 ??

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