Chris Cogdon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi folks! I'm starting work on a from-scratch web application, and I'd 
> like to use this as a first-time-application using Zope.

> So, my question is... should I stick with Zope 2 for the moment (with 
> its plethora of documentation), or dive right into Zope 3 and battle it 
> out (and depend more on the community for any lack of documentation)? 
> In particular, I DO want a decent tutorial to work through to get me 
> started (and I cant find one of any depth at all for Zope 3).

As the others pointed out, it seems that you should go with Zope3. Philipp von
Weitershaus put some nice links for starters on his Website:

Try these to get a quick start with Zope3

Kind Regards

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