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I think the others already gave you the typical answers for the rest
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On 2/9/06, Chris Cogdon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So, my question is... should I stick with Zope 2 for the moment (with
> its plethora of documentation), or dive right into Zope 3 and battle it
> out (and depend more on the community for any lack of documentation)?

Concerning documentation I would say Zope 3 can make concurrence to
most open source projects out there. The books (I only own Stephan's
nice book) available are potentially slightly out of date but are good
ways to start. The extensive use of automated unit tests through
documentation strings are also an awesome way of learning the detail.

I do feel the kilos of documentation are somehow unluckily organized.
Somehow the entrance point for Zope3 newcomers is difficult to find. I
sometimes feel that a true overview, of what is available and what
Zope3 is made out of, is missing. My instinct tells me it is not all
and other things could help an smoother entrance in the Zope3 world
but I am not sure what.

Of course the fact that zope3 does not have a proper web site on its
own is a horror too and probably the main cause of what I described
above.. but I will not go into details since zope3-users are
discussing this in length every day :)

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