Chapter 27 of the Zope 3 book and the docstring for IPrincipal in Zope
3.2 both suggest Zope has the ability to provide a browser view of
principal annotations.  That would be a really great bit of
functionality to have!  Unfortunately, AFAICT, the system doesn't work
at all in Zope 3.2.  The Zope 3 book says you have to create an
Authentication Service, but no such thing exists anymore.

Instead, I created Pluggable Authentication Utility and put a principal
folder inside it.  But principals created this way are InternalPrincipal
objects which do not implement IPrincipal, so they don't have the extra
view I registered.  I could find no other way to visit a user object in
the management interface.  Therefore, views of IPrincipal are currently
never used.

Was this an accident?  Did it work at one time?  Are there plans to make
principal annotation views work again?  And how can I edit user
annotations in the meanwhile?


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