I am starting to work with Zope3 am having trouble
understanding a few things. I bought the Zope 3 Book
and installed the worldcookery application in my
instance's lib/python directory and configured the
.zcml files too.  
But when I do a http://localhost:8080/worldcookery, I

The page that you are trying to access is not

Please note the following:

   1. You might have misspelled the url
   2. You might be trying to access a non-existing
I understand I can develop content types and views and
ZPTs and place them in a folder as a package. But
unless I have made it through the ZMI, I am unable to
access it. Why is that? What URL should I be using for
a newly developed folder that I didn't add through the
ZMI but which is installed in my Zope Instance's
lib/python and configured in the  ZCML files?
This is really confusing me leading to a fundamental
question, which is, how do you really develop a
website with ZOPE?
I would appreciate any help.
Thanks, Sid.

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