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Gary Poster wrote:
> On May 7, 2006, at 4:47 PM, Jim Washington wrote:
>> Following along from Gary's idea that zc.resourcelibrary could be done
>> as WSGI middeware, I am now previewing headincludes, a wsgi middleware
>> filter with an alternative implementation of zc.resourcelibrary.  It
>> usurps a lot of zc.resourcelibrary configuration for compatibility, so
>> they cannot be used at the same time.  But reconfiguring is just a
>> matter of a few files.
>> For more information go to http://zif.hill-street.net/headincludes .
>> The readme is at http://zif.hill-street.net/headincludes/README.txt .
>> development status: "works for me"
> :-) awesome!
Hi, Gary


> What do you think about some or all of the following:
> - moving development of all three of these to zope.org svn?
OK.  I do not have commit privileges on zope.org svn.  But you do, and I
do not mind if you put these packages up there.
> - putting them in a namespace?
Probably a good idea.  If it was only one... well, but I do seem to have
gotten prolific. :)
> - merging zc.resourcelibrary and headincludes?
That would require a commitment to wsgi filters, or maybe some fun with
imports, but also OK.
> - the possibility that we might want to include things not only in the
> head later (some old JS code wanted to be at the end, for instance)
> and so "resourcelibrary", or at least something less specific than
> "headincludes", might be a better name?
That could be fun as well.  Naming is not all that important to me.  For
this iteration, I just needed to distinguish headincludes from
zc.resourcelibrary to avoid name clashes.
> More concretely, I suggest three new projects in zope.org:
> z3c.resourcelibrary (deprecating zc.resourcelibrary)
> z3c.gzipper
> z3c.jsmin
Go for it (on whichever namespace gets decided).  These three projects,
I feel a need to reiterate, need zope.paste and Paste.Deploy (or a
similar stack), to use with zope3, so deprecating zc.resourcelibrary may
not be a good idea until more folks are on-board with the wsgi filters
idea.  gzipper and jsmin really have no particular ties to zope at all,
except that I used Zope3 for developing them, and they probably work OK
in Zope3 as a consequence. (PS. er, actually, the packer in jsmin came
from Plone.)
> You could also choose "zc"--that could stand for "zope community" as
> much as "zope corporation"--but it might cause confusion.  "z" has
> also been proposed. :-)  The "zope" namespace means "from the Zope
> project", not specifically for zope (see zope.interface, for instance)
> so there's ample precedent for general things going in a "z*"
> namespace...
> What do you think?  Getting the code in a publicly-accessible repo,
> ideally svn.zope.org, is my primary desire--everything else is
> peripheral.
I agree.
> (I don't have as much use personally for your JSON-server right now,
> btw, but maybe that would be good to put in the repo too?)
jsonserver is sitting happily in z3labs, where Balazs Ree and I are
working (slowly) on a unified package for zope2 /five and zope3.  It's a
moving target, and we keep going off on interesting tangents. :)

So, to recap, I have largely positive thoughts about your suggestions.
And please feel free to put whichever of these packages you feel are
appropriate wherever you wish on svn.zope.org.  How's that for flexibility?


-Jim Washington

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