Hi All,

Dunno if this is the right list, but it's about Zope 3's i18n stuff and Five and Zope 2.9, so if anyone can recommend a better list, please let me know...

I did try and ask about this on the zope@zope.org list but got no response :-(

I have a ZODB-based Zope 2.7 app using PTS that I'm trying to move to Zope 2.9 and I'd like to use the "latest and greatest" i18n stuff available... I'm guessing this is the i18n stuff from Zope 3?

If so, are there any docs on making the transition I'm trying to make?

In particular:

- Can my existing .pot and .po files be used?

- Are ZPT's marked up in the same way as they were in Zope 2?

- How would I mark up constant and computers strings in zodb-based Python Scripts?

- Same question for External Methods.

- How do I ask the translation service what the currently negotiated language is?

- How do I ask the translation service what all the available languages are for a particular domain?

- How do a write/register a negotiator that choose a language based on an attribute of the user object and then falls back to normal browser negotiation if that attribute isn't present?

- How do I generate .pot files from ZPTs, Python Scipts and External Methods? I used to use PTS' .missing functionality and just spider the whole app. Is something similar available in Zope 2.9/3 land?

Many thanks for help with any/all of the above...


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