easy_install lets me specify an egg from svn, e.g.:

$ easy_install http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/ZopeSkel/trunk#egg=ZopeSkel-dev

I have a zc.buildout recipie that specifies a number of eggs that should always be fetched from svn. These are not (yet) in the cheeseshop.

Is there some way of specifying such eggs, e.g.

parts = ...

eggs =

Of course, that doesn't work :)

I suppose this is somewhat similar to develop-eggs, but (as far as I know) these have to be in the src/ directory, and can't be fetched from svn and kept up to date automatically. We currently do this with svn externals to fetch them into src/ but I'd like to be able to distribute a standalone buildout.cfg that could get these eggs.


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