Jim Fulton wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote:

I'd rather discuss questions like this on the distutils-sig list.

Okay? Is that a Zope list or a python one? In Gmane?

easy_install lets me specify an egg from svn, e.g.:

$ easy_install http://svn.plone.org/svn/collective/ZopeSkel/trunk#egg=ZopeSkel-dev

Hm, interesting.  I thought I had seen something like that, but I've
never been able to find documentation for it.  Do you know where this
is documented?  Does this example actually work?

Hanno did some digging and found it was under-documented. It *does* work though (try it if you'd like).

I have a zc.buildout recipie that specifies a number of eggs that should always be fetched from svn.

I wonder what that should mean.

Basically, that I want the eggs in my buildout to track svn. The way we do that now is that we use svn:externals to get them into src/ and then use them as 'develop' eggs. However, if I have a different project that wants to track Plone svn, I'd rather not have to check out the source code like that.

I agree that something like this would be useful.  I would like to
see the semantics spelled out.  For example, I agree that this should
lead to a develop egg.  What version should it have? Should that
be determined by the remote setup.py file?  Is the project you point
to required to have a setup.py file?  If so, then why specify a
project name after the #.

I don't know why the # is needed, this is just the way I've seen it spelled before.

I think the default semantic would be that the version would be ==dev i.e. current svn. I don't fully understand how this works though - I know I can do "easy_install PasteScript==dev" to get the current development version of PasteScript, but I don't know how easy_install actually finds that (I presume the cheeseshop tells it about PasteScript's svn location?)


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