Martin Aspeli wrote:
Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Does this example actually work?
No, it doesn't. The format is #egg=<EGG>-<VERSION>. We use it currently on the CheeseShop page for grok and grokproject. You can easy_install these two even though there's no release. Setuptools will simply get them from SVN from the URLs that have the "#egg=..." thing.

Sio are you doing this in grok's buildout? What does the syntax actually
look like?

  $ easy_install grokproject

That works because mentions svn:// as the download URL. That means easy_install will be able to install grokproject even though there's no actual release anywhere. It will simply get an svn checkout and run

For the same reason, easy_installing grok works (or even mentioning 'grok' as an egg in a buildout.cfg).

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