Good afternoon list,I currently have a Zope 3.3.1 installation (tarball) and
have written some code that uses zc.catalog
and hurry.query. These two were installed as eggs and work fine (I used
zc.catalog 1.1 because
later versions required a lot of zope eggs)

I'd like to use more packages but I see that most of the new stuff today
require eggs from the
'eggified' version of Zope..

So I figure I just might as well switch to all eggs and join the future. I
want this to go as smooth as
possible. Not sure how to get started though.

1. Which package to easy_install to get Zope 3? And when you've got it
installed can you say that

you actually run a certain version of Zope any longer?

2. If I install everything as eggs, how do I actually create, configure and
run instances? Or do I
actually keep my old 3.3.1 install alongside the new eggs?

3. Any other suggestions?

Greatly appreciate any answers bringing some clarity to this
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