Jesper Petersen wrote:
Hi Christian,
I've looked a bit at zopeproject, but I'm still wondering if it's possible to still install zope as eggs without zopeproject (if that
even makes sense).

Sure, you can do that. Nobody's stopping you. It's just that zopeproject gives you a head start with the sandbox. It's all about getting the environment primed and installing the most common eggs. From there you can take it anywhere you like.

Will zopeproject become _the_ way of developing in the future?

Dunno. I've primarily developed as a replacement tool for the tarball-centric mkzopeinstance script, because I didn't want to type all that boiler plate all the time. I use it in trainings, quite successfully.

Note that it's offspring from grokproject, which we've been using to set up Grok-based sandboxes for much longer now. I think the basic principle is well-established now.

I have a hosting situation that is a bit unclear
when it comes to running zopeproject because they use good old instances.
I have a discussion with them at the moment so I hope I get this sorted out :)

A zopeproject-generated sandbox is like an instance, except that it also installs the Zope eggs, and therefore is self-contained (the eggs can still be shared among multiple sandboxes, though). If you can host instances, you should be able to host buildout-driven sandboxes (because that's what zopeproject generates) too.

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