Thanks for your replies Philipp and Brandon,Things are more clearly now
:) So zopeproject _only_ deals with setting up the environment for you, when
you run buildout eggs actually get installed. And, I don't need zopeproject
on my hosting machine at all, I just test and develop on my personal machine
and when ready, I install it as an egg on the host and run it.

Now I have the boring task of converting my old webapp done in 3.3.1 to an
egg with all
dependencies. Is there a way that can aid me in adding dependencies?
As it is now I see this in front of me..

1. Look at all imports to see what I need
2. Add them in configure.zcml with <include>
3. Add them in

I can also see 'file="meta.zcml"' in some includes, how would I know when to
specifically include a file or not? Having to look at the zope tree for
files seems kind of awkward.
Also, say that I use, how would I know wether to include or as a dependency? I could do a simple search on pypi
for this but it seems kind of time consuming.

Lots of questions :)
Thanks for your time

On 11/5/07, Brandon Craig Rhodes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> "Jesper Petersen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I've looked a bit at zopeproject, but I'm still wondering if it's
> > possible to still install zope as eggs without zopeproject (if that
> > even makes sense).
> If I understand both "zopeproject" and your question (and I'm less
> confident about whether I understand your question), then this might
> be the answer you need: The "zopeproject" script is *not* designed to
> install Zope.  That is, it's not, once you've developed your Zope
> project in one place, the way you "make Zope appear" on the actual
> hosting server so that your application can run.
> Instead, "buildout" is how you get Zope installed most of the time.
> Your "" for your application is what will list Zope as a
> dependency, and will result in its being fetched and installed before
> you run your application.
> So what's the point of "zopeproject"?  It's just there to write your
> first "" and "", to create your "src/" directory
> for you, and get things set up for development.  But once you've
> started your project, you'll never need "zopeproject" again; you can
> immediately uninstall it if you want! :-) So you'll never need it
> installed on a "production box", only on development boxes where you
> first create projects out of nothing.
> Let me know whether this answer was helpful, or a statement of the
> obvious that is beside the actual point of your question. :-)
> --
> Brandon Craig Rhodes   [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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