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> I've looked a bit at zopeproject, but I'm still wondering if it's
> possible to still install zope as eggs without zopeproject (if that
> even makes sense).

If I understand both "zopeproject" and your question (and I'm less
confident about whether I understand your question), then this might
be the answer you need: The "zopeproject" script is *not* designed to
install Zope.  That is, it's not, once you've developed your Zope
project in one place, the way you "make Zope appear" on the actual
hosting server so that your application can run.

Instead, "buildout" is how you get Zope installed most of the time.
Your "setup.py" for your application is what will list Zope as a
dependency, and will result in its being fetched and installed before
you run your application.

So what's the point of "zopeproject"?  It's just there to write your
first "setup.py" and "buildout.py", to create your "src/" directory
for you, and get things set up for development.  But once you've
started your project, you'll never need "zopeproject" again; you can
immediately uninstall it if you want! :-) So you'll never need it
installed on a "production box", only on development boxes where you
first create projects out of nothing.

Let me know whether this answer was helpful, or a statement of the
obvious that is beside the actual point of your question. :-)

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