I would say so also. Since z2, z3 both be released in future as eggs, I I expect the only difference to be in kgs that ensures a working set of packages (whether it is zope3, zope2, or for that matter any other project).

Any sort of release in the future should only reflect a state of a working collection of packages. Certainly calling the collection of packages that produces a working zope3 installation a library would be inappropriate in my view.

One approach might be calling the releases something zope-kgs-2 and zope-kgs-3 so it is all branded 'zope' - just refer to the *set* of eggs we are taking about. While this is more explicit, it does not sound very nice. kgs looks like kilograms to me any time I look at it :-)

It might be nice for the marketing of zope to give each set of eggs a nice name. Just using familiar mozilla names as an illustration, see how nice zope-thunderbird or zope-firefox look. So do away with the kgs in the name and create a brand where zope 2 doesn't look like the lesser version of zope and zope3 isn't a library. They are only sets of the packages we generally refer to as zope :-)


Tom Hoffman wrote:

Or if not, it would seem like there would be a better argument for the
new approach having a new name than the old one.
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