Hi Martijn. I am familiar with grok and the fun and welcoming community you have created. With the perspective I have suggested, releases are only sets with different names giving meaning to each set for developer groups.

As a project, grok is currently pinning eggs but can also provide a kgs for the set known as grok. The full story of zope is about the assembly of packages into projects. It need not be only one thing or the other which is the point. It is really up to individual developers to determine their flavor of zope and what it means to their own projects and style of development.

My thinking though is that we can create a more cohesive community if the code base were all known as 'zope' and developers are all working from the superset of zope (which is in essence just the code base of packages we all use).


Martijn Faassen wrote:

On Feb 1, 2008 4:09 PM, David Pratt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
It might be nice for the marketing of zope to give each set of eggs a
nice name. Just using familiar mozilla names as an illustration, see how
nice zope-thunderbird or zope-firefox look. So do away with the kgs in
the name and create a brand where zope 2 doesn't look like the lesser
version of zope and zope3 isn't a library. They are only sets of the
packages we generally refer to as zope :-)

There is this little community project called "Grok" which among other
things aims at better marketing of Zope 3 technologies:


We've been at it for over a year. Now with all new website!

I realize that Grok isn't to the tastes of everybody in this
community. They may wish to market non-Grok Zope 3 better. My
suggestion is for them to contribute to the Zope website project:


(appears down at the moment, but I think that this is the correct URL)



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