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Nikolay Kim wrote:

 Last year i worked on zope3 based cms. Today i built first site for
 my friend without python coding, only TTW customization. So i think
 system is ready for first development release. All code released
 under ZPL license.

 Basic features: Control panel, Principals managerment, Personal
 preferences, Basic TTW customization, Pluggable Content Types,
 Pluggable membership system, Members home folders, Product installer,
 Cataloging and searching, Full text searching with lucene, Basic
 forum product, Easy install with buildout

 Here project homepage - http://z3ext.net/ Source code -
 http://sourceforge.net/projects/z3ext Discussion Forums -

 Everyone can try it locally svn co
 z3ext cd z3ext python2.4 ./bootstrap.py ./bin/buildout ./bin/app

 z3ext.net is built with z3ext, you only need checkout z3ext.homesite
 package svn co

Installing z3ext CMS was very easy.  I have few suggestions.

1. I think your CMS application can be renamed to something else.
Instead of using 'z3ext.portal' as the main entry point, a non-namespace
package would be better. (z3extcms, z3extportal or something like that).
2. There is a new version of bootstrap.py inside buidout source tree.
3. A basic tutorial about how to use this CMS would be great.

Baiju M

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