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Hi Nikolay,

I'm not entirely sure it's in everyone's interest to have something that looks so very much like Plone's out of the box look and feel that is not based on Plone at all (as I understand it) - least of all z3ext's, since it may get confused with Plone.

I think there are two sides to this argument.

It is confusing that it looks so much like Plone. But on the other hand. If it ever came to be that two systems could run in parallel from the same zodb, then it would be necessary to make it look like Plone anyway for a seamless user experience.

At least they should share html class and id structure to make that easy. But something like z3ext would not have to use the same css definition out of the box.

I actually think it would be stronger if it did not. Something more web2'ish would make it stand out more.


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