> Installing z3ext CMS was very easy.  I have few suggestions.
>  1. I think your CMS application can be renamed to something else.
>      Instead of using 'z3ext.portal' as the main entry point, a 
> non-namespace
> package would be better. (z3extcms, z3extportal or something like that).

yes, i'm working on this right now, it's just developers preview

> 2. There is a new version of bootstrap.py inside buidout source tree.

> 3. A basic tutorial about how to use this CMS would be great.
i will write tutorial. there was package messageboard that show basic
steps for building application with zope3, i can rewrite it for z3ext,
but i can't find it in svn.zope.org, anybody knows where it is?

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