Hi Nikolay.

Just wanted to say that I have been aware of your efforts with z3ext on sourceforge for a while and wish to congratulate you on moving forward with a comprehensive ZPL licensed CMS. It is an important development for a number of reasons:

* Efforts such as zext and Hivurt exemplify how to glue components and packages together to create substantive applications. These type of tangible examples have been missing from the zope 3 landscape. In addition to your application being extremely useful in its own right, it will help developers understand how to assemble components and architect an application.

* The packages in the zext namespace further increase the pool of liberally licensed zope components. Over the past few years, there have a steadily increasing number of solid packages, componentry and repositories popping up. Zope corp, Lovely, the z3c community efforts to name a few (but there are certainly many others I am aware of). This is resulting in a plethora of high quality packages and serves as as a stimulant to encourage reuse for virtually any purpose.

The fact that the project and packages are all under the ZPL is not to be underestimated. It is a key opportunity for developers to engage in sharing and consumption of reusable code without licensing conflict. I strongly believe that liberal licensing scenario have been a critical ingredient to the success of Django, TurboGears, Twisted and other major frameworks.

* A low barrier to a functioning CMS reduces the cost and risk of experimentation, implementation and deployment of a full zope solution. I believe that when a clean break is made from the older api's of zope2, the scenario for development is more understandable. As far as I can see, the future of folks utilizing a combination of z2 and z3 technologies will only grow out the z3 components while factoring out the old. For folks coming in for the first time, zext will help show them the way and give them an excellent CMS that they can build upon.

* Projects like zext, Hivurt, and Lovely's deployments demonstrate the power of zope3. Zope3 is not simply a library of components but a framework of possibility. The new 'zope' is a rich superset of functionality that provides the opportunity for a python programmer to integrate packages from all parts of the python world. It shows how competent systems can be created that are elegant, agile and capable of competing with anything out there (most of it from existing code bases). On top of it, you have scalability and the reliability of a mature code base.

* zext can show developers a different zope endpoint than Grok. Grok is an easier way to create zope3 applications and an important door to the world of zope. That said, I believe it is important to demonstrate conventional package patterns as well. While I favor explicit configuration for my own work, Grok removes much of the complication of assembling useful components. Grok continues to push on barriers to harness the potential of zope. More importantly though, when all this goodness is zope in general, it is good for the community as a whole.

Overall, the comments I have read about giving the project different name or different skin ought to be considered as you move forward. On the other hand, they take nothing away from what I see as a very strong effort of your behalf. I look forward to seeing a release in the future. Personally, I hope you receive more well deserved support.

Further, I encourage folks that may be using legacy zope to take a strong look at the zext project and the many packages that have been released under the ZPL as a result. zext, Grok and the many other efforts underway exemplify the new face of 'zope'. Many thanks Nikolay for this effort.


Nikolay Kim wrote:

Last year i worked on zope3 based cms. Today i built first site for my
friend without python coding, only TTW customization. So i think system
is ready for first development release. All code released under ZPL

Basic features: Control panel, Principals managerment, Personal preferences, Basic TTW customization, Pluggable Content Types, Pluggable membership system, Members home folders, Product installer, Cataloging and searching, Full text searching with lucene, Basic forum product, Easy install with buildout

Here project homepage - http://z3ext.net/
Source code - http://sourceforge.net/projects/z3ext
Discussion Forums - http://z3ext.net/forums/

Everyone can try it locally
  svn co https://z3ext.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/z3ext/z3ext.portal/trunk 
  cd z3ext
  python2.4 ./bootstrap.py

z3ext.net is built with z3ext, you only need checkout z3ext.homesite package
  svn co https://z3ext.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/z3ext/z3ext.homesite/trunk 

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