if you want to raise the userbase of zope, the first and most obvious thing to 
do is, get a forum running! mailing lists are bu******* and completly out of 
date. it is max cumbersome to login into your email account to do a post and so 
on, i think i dont need to enumerate all the disadvantages of a mailing list 
compared to a forum. i am even not aware of how to replay to a certain message 
with this mailing list. why make it difficult if it could be easy? just get a 
forum and you have done 50% of the things you could do to improve the 
development experience with zope.

and if you finaly have one, put it on the start site, not like this mailing 
list that is so to say hidden!

im a new zope user and my experiences so far are, that everything is extremly 
unobvious. its not obvious that there are packages for zope. its not obvious 
that there is a new form package that is better then the integrated formlib. 
its not obvious how to use it, even with the documentation. for example its not 
obvious, that i have to make a skin to use the z3c.form package. its not 
obvious which packages i need too, they are only mentioned as site notes, "look 
at the pagelet package for a more advanced..." etc.

everything in zope is not obvious, at least not to me. everything has to be 
found out in hours of studying the sources! reading the books, using google to 
find sources that arent linked nowhere. i stumbled over nabble, i stumbled over 
nearly everythink i essentialy have to know!

the result is, users new to zope have no clue where to start. its extremly 
difficult to learn it. i can learn every other technology by just reading 
online sources and asking in forums, zope is the first project where i have to 
say, without the books, no chance.

finally, if you want to improve, just get forum. it couldnt be easier. :)
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